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Dave Juliano is a Paranormal Researcher and Demonologist as well as an Author, Lecturer and Teacher. He is a long time member of the paranormal community with 38 years of experience. Dave specializes in investigating and resolution of all types of hauntings, especially extreme and demonic…more


Book for Events/Lectures/Classes/Podcasts Here



• Investigations of all types of spirit activity

• Case consultations with paranormal investigators and teams

• Deliverance and exorcisms (when deemed necessary)

• Speaker at events, expos, meetings and conferences

• Teaching classes including the popular Ghost Hunting 101 and Intro to Demonology


Presentations for Expos and Conferences

• “The Most Dangerous Thing You’ll Encounter in Ghost Hunting” – hint, it’s other ghost hunters

• “Why Some Cleansings, Blessings and Exorcisms Fail”

• “So You Want to Be a Demonologist Huh?”

• “The Basics of How Paranormal Equipment Works”

• “Psychic Protection and Paranormal Self Defense”



Ghost Hunting 101 – Dave has trained 1000’s of people over his career. This covers equipment usage, anatomy of an investigation, reviewing evidence, ethics and more.
Intro to Demonology – This class gives a wide overview based on personal experiences and actual cases. All paranormal investigators should have some basic knowledge of this kind of case.
Psychic Protection and Paranormal Self Defense – This class covers many different techniques to avoid bringing anything home with you.


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Select Newspaper Articles

New York Times 10/29/1999

The Trentonian

Cinnaminson News

Atlantic City Weekly

South Jersey Magazine


 Who is Dave Juliano?

• A Director of South Jersey Ghost Research and sanctuary paranormal since 1998.
• Created the first paranormal website in 1994, The Shadowlands which included the first Ghost Hunting, Bigfoot, Cryptids and World Mysteries pages on the internet.
• Author of: “Armor of God: Prayers for Protection and Deliverance“, “Positive Energy for Haunted Homes” and “Ghost Research 101: Investigating Haunted Homes”.
• Guest Appearances on: Travel Channel, Discovery Channel, SyFy Channel, History Channel, National Geographic Channel plus Fox, CW, MSNBC, Sky.
• Owner of The GhostHunter Store, the first store dedicated to paranormal equipment and supplies.
• Cast Member of Ghost Detectives Seasons 6 and 7.


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Media Appearances

Believe Episode 3: Host Laine Crosby interviews Dave Juliano, Extreme Haunting Expert and Author.

MSNBC Investigates:  I hear Dead People

Travel Channel: Most Terrifying Places in America 6

National Geographic Channel: American Paranormal  S1E2 Haunted Prison

History Channel – Weird U.S. S1E6 Weirdly Departed

Conversations with a Serial Killer – S1E6  Albert De Salvo

CW:  Ghost Detectives seasons 6 and 7

Travel Channel:  In Search of Monsters S1E4  The Jersey Devil